Intelligent Scaling for the Global Enterprise

How well do your marketing operations scale? How well do you roll out new technology, train users, and capture actionable results? Our Global Demand Center services let you standardize and govern marketing operations, training, templates and analytics so you can rapidly scale and optimize your marketing efforts across departments, agencies and geos.

Campaign Strategy

Mapping the Customer Journey

Today's path to purchase is fractured by endless opportunities to go off course. Success depends on your ability to identify specific outcomes and measure customer progress at every step. We help you design customer journeys that map to concrete campaign goals and leave no dead ends.

Content Development and Management

Targeted Content Customized for Defined Outcomes

There's no place for cookie cutter content in the global market. Our expert content managers and copywriters don't just write compelling content that speaks to your diverse audience. We develop a content calendar and a publishing and curating strategy that gets the right content to the right audience at the right time. Along the way, we tag and measure content effectiveness by channel, sales stage and audience so we can continually optimize your communications to achieve defined results.

Marketing Innovation Framework

Integrated Cloud-based Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

How well do your marketing efforts integrate with your sales cloud solution? We can help you design and build a scalable program structure and technological framework that leverages cloud-based solutions, includes user development and governance, and focuses on continual optimization to drive results. Our team helps you identify opportunities, drive selection, integrate, roll out, and manage your new marketing capabilities so you can create coordinated global marketing automation campaigns that engage and nurture customers at every touchpoint.

User Onboarding and Change Management

The Missing Piece in Most Marketing Automation Projects

You have a state-of-the-art marketing automation system. But do your employees and partners know how to use it? Iron Horse Interactive can help you develop standardized processes and train all of your marketing representatives—whether in-house or agency-based—to implement and make the most of your marketing automation project.

Multi-Channel Campaign Execution

Reach Customers Wherever They Are

With today's distributed information consumption model, personalized content is just the beginning. The most successful enterprises coordinate marketing efforts across all channels. Our marketing experts help you develop a cohesive marketing approach, on domain and off, that results in faster sales velocity and lower costs per acquisition.

E2E Analytics and Campaign Insights

Insight and Optimization that Deliver Results

With our expertise in Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Cloudera, Tableau, and more, Iron Horse Interactive can help you measure the performance of your marketing efforts against industry benchmarks and internal goals. Our team helps you capture insights such as event and social intelligence, end-to-end analytics about your co-marketing, and more, so you can determine the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts. But gathering data is just the beginning. We help you use those insights to optimize campaigns for improved results.



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